Surfers Gift Guide – The Ultimate List of Surfing Gift Ideas

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Surfing is a passion that unites people of all ages and backgrounds. As a result, a seemingly endless variety of awesome gift options are available to cater to every surfer’s preference and need.

The possibilities are endless, from stylish and functional apparel, high-tech gadgets, and unique surf-themed items to practical training and recovery tools. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the ultimate list of surfing gift ideas so you can find the perfect present for the surfer in your life.

Key Takeaways

  • Find surfers the perfect gift with eco-friendly apparel, functional gear & stylish clothing.
  • Get them inspired with sustainable brands, smartwatches and innovative gadgets.
  • Encourage their passion with coaching and surf trip experiences.

#1. Go all out and get a Surf Trip.

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Receiving a surf trip as a present is a dream come true for any wave enthusiast. It’s not just the promise of riding new breaks or the thrill of uncharted waters that excites, but the sheer anticipation of adventure that such a gift brings.

Beyond the waves, it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a different culture, taste exotic cuisines, and meet fellow surfers from around the globe. Such a gift goes beyond the tangible; it’s an unforgettable experience, a memory in the making, and a testament to the giver’s understanding of one’s deepest passions.

If you need inspiration for some of the best surf destinations in the world have a look here.

Surf Trip World Map

surf maps great gifts for surfing

The World Map of Surfing is a fun map from Amazing Maps featuring colourfully illustrated world maps and top surfing spots marked all across the globe. It will be an amazing gift to all ages surfers. I like looking up the map to see all the locations I want to go to next, but also reminisce about past trips.

Surf coaching

This is my favourite on on the list! Such a cool idea, gifting someone surf coaching and video analysis is a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes. It’s not just about enhancing one’s skills on the board, but it’s an investment in their passion and growth as a surfer.

With expert guidance and the added benefit of video analysis, the recipient can gain insights into their technique, make necessary adjustments, and witness their progress in real-time.

This present is more than just a lesson; it’s a transformative experience that can boost confidence, refine skills, and ignite an even deeper love for the sport. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, every time they ride a wave better than before.

In addition to face-to-face coaching, there are also a bunch of fantastic apps to help improve surfing skills. The one I use and like the best is surf strength coaching.

Surfing Gift Ideas -Apparel and Accessories

WOMAN surfer

Surfers need gear that not only looks good but also performs well in the waves. Whether they’re looking for sustainable surf brands, functional surf gear, serious surfing equipment or stylish surf clothing, there are plenty of options out there at their local surf shop.

Next, we delve into a selection of top-notch surfer gifts, focusing on eco-friendly brands, practical equipment, and fashionable clothing, all of which are certain to delight any surfer.

Maybe try a body surfing hand plane – it’s a great way for surfers to gain knowledge of how the waves break and probably not something they have tried. I have an article on how to get started and the top 5 hand planes here.

Sustainable Surf Brands

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly important, sustainable surf brands like Outerknown and Patagonia are leading the charge. These brands offer high-quality, eco-friendly apparel and gear that look great and have a minimal impact on the environment.

From tees to boardshorts and winter gear cor surf top, these sustainable options make great gifts for the environmentally conscious surfer in your life.

Functional Surf Gear

For surfers who prioritise functionality, practical, surfers love gear like:

Best gifts make great gifts, and our gift guide has got you covered in finding them. To make sure you choose the great gift idea and right one, remember that you can never have too many options, so follow our recommendations.

Wetsuit care products like shampoo and repair kits help prolong the life of their gear, making these functional gifts a smart choice.

Stylish Surf Clothing

Looking good on the waves is just as important as performing well, and stylish surf clothing from popular brands like Maui and Sons and Patagonia can help surfers achieve both.

With options ranging from cool t-shirts and hoodies to fashionable swimwear for girls, these trendy clothing items allow surfers to showcase their personal style while enjoying their favorite sport.

Surf clothing is designed to be comfortable and durable, so that surfers in mind can stay focused on

Surf Hats

El Dingo

surf hat

Surf hats play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and comfort of surfers during their thrilling adventures in the waves. These hats offer vital protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, shielding the face, neck, and ears – areas particularly vulnerable to sunburn. This is one of my personal favourite surf hats – it’s super comfortable, and I love how unique and colourful the designs are.

They also help reduce glare, improving visibility in the water. Brands like O’Neill, Florence Marine X, and Ocean and Earth have gained recognition for their innovative surf hat designs, providing surfers with options that combine style and functionality. These trusted brands emphasize the importance of sun protection, ensuring that surfers can ride the waves with confidence while safeguarding their skin from the elements.

I have reviewed the best surf hats in this article.

Surf Watches and Gadgets

Surf watches and gadgets are essential tools for surfers, providing valuable information and enhancing their overall experience. Some examples include:

  • High-tech surf watches that offer tide data and wave tracking
  • GoPro cameras for capturing epic surf sessions
  • Waterproof speakers for listening to music while out on the water

With these tools, surfers can stay informed and make the most of their time in the waves.

We’ll next examine cutting-edge surf watches and novel surf gadgets, ideal presents for those surfers with a knack for technology.

Smart Surf Watches

In today’s connected world, smart surf watches from brands like Apple, Garmin, and Nixon provide surfers with a wealth of information at their fingertips.

These high-tech watches offer features such as tide data, wave tracking, and even activity tracking, making them indispensable tools for surfers who want to stay informed and improve their performance.

A smart surf watch is an excellent gift for any surfer friend who loves to stay connected and informed while out on the waves.

Innovative Surf Gadgets

Unique surf gadgets like GoPro cameras, waterproof speakers, and surfboard bike racks not only make surfing more enjoyable but also provide added convenience.

GoPro cameras allow surfers to capture their epic rides, while waterproof speakers let them enjoy their favorite tunes during a surf session.

Surfboard bike racks make transportation a breeze, ensuring that surfers can easily bring their boards to their favourite spots. These innovative gadgets make perfect gifts for surfers who appreciate both fun and practicality.

Surf Training and Recovery Tools

Surfing is a physically demanding sport, and having the the wear and tear right training and recovery tools is crucial for maintaining peak performance. Surf-specific balance boards, surfboard wax, and wetsuit care products are essential for any surfer looking to stay in shape and prolong the life of their gear.

We will then delve into balance boards and wetsuit care products, both fantastic gift options for surfers aiming to maintain their competitive edge.

Why not try a surf apnea course – to help surfers survive those long hold downs when in big surf! I have an article reviewing some of the best courses here.

Balance Boards

Surf-specific balance boards like the Revbalance Swell 2.0 are perfect for surfers who want to practice their balance and coordination when there are no waves to ride or when they’re not using their surfboard fins. These boards help surfers develop the core strength, stability, and flexibility needed for success in the water.

A balance board is a great gift for any surfer looking to improve their skills and stay sharp between swells.

Indo Board – Surf Specific Balance trainer

balance board surfer gifts

Wetsuit Care Products

Wetsuits are a significant investment for most surfers now, and proper care can prolong their life and keep them in good condition. Wetsuit care products like wetsuit shampoo, surf wax, repair kits, and drying hangers help surfers maintain their gear and ensure it stays in top shape.

These products make thoughtful gifts for surfers who want to protect their investment and get the most out of their wetsuits.

Suiting Up – Gear to Help Change into a Wetsuit

Surf Poncho

surfing gift ideas - surf poncho

Who could possibly guess that you needed some clothes? But securing a neoprene sheet over a dry body in a crowded beach is often an awkward and literal situation if it happens at all. Let’s see some ways of preventing you from mooning crowds.

Surf Books and Art

I absolutely loved this book.

Surfing is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle and a culture with a rich surf history and countless fascinating stories. The surfing life is well-documented in surf books and art, allowing surfers to delve deeper into this world, offering insights and inspiration through engaging narratives and stunning visuals.

Next up, we’ll explore enlightening surf literature and surf-themed artwork and decor, superb gifts for surfers seeking to immerse themselves deeper into the best surfing and culture.

Inspirational Surf Books

Engaging surf books like Barbarian Days and Surf Art and Decor

Surf-themed art pieces, maps, and decor items allow surfers to showcase their passion for the sport in their homes. From stunning surf maps that double as art pieces to surf-inspired jewelry and home decor, these items make unique and thoughtful gifts for surfers who want to bring a touch of the waves into their living spaces.

Personalized and Unique Surf Gifts

For a truly memorable gift, consider personalized and unique surf items that cater to individual preferences and interests. Custom engraved surf gear and quirky surf-themed items allow you to offer a one-of-a-kind present that will be cherished for years to come.

We’ll then delve into personalized surf equipment and whimsical surf-themed artifacts, both of which are unique and memorable gifts for the surfer in your life.

Custom Engraved Surf Gear

Personalized surf gear such as engraved fins, leashes, and surfboard racks show the recipient that you’ve put thought and effort into their gift. These custom items not only serve a practical purpose but also add a personal touch that makes them stand out from the ordinary.

Custom engraved surf gear is a thoughtful, practical gift and unique gift that any surfer will appreciate.

Quirky Surf-Themed Items

Fun and unusual surf-themed gifts like shark salt and pepper shakers, beach towel,, surfboard coffee tables, and surf-inspired jewelry offer a playful and unique way to celebrate a surfer’s passion for the sport.

These quirky items make perfect gifts for surfers who love to showcase their personality and sense of humor, both in and out of the water.

A coffee table with a surfboard design can be a great addition to their living space, reflecting their love for the waves.

Surf Travel Essentials

best surfer gifts

Surf travel essentials are items that help surfers stay organized and keep their belongings safe during their travels. From portable showers and changing mats to convenient surf trip accessories, these items make life on the road (or at the beach) much easier.

Next, we will examine portable showers and changing mats, along with other surf trip essentials, all of which are splendid gifts for those surfers with a passion for discovering new waves and destinations.

Portable Showers and Changing Mats

Compact and portable showers like the BeachBox and changing mats provide surfers with the convenience and comfort they need to rinse off and change after a surf session. These items are easy to carry and allow surfers to maintain their hygiene and privacy, even when they’re far from home.

Portable showers and a changing mat make excellent gifts for surfers who want to stay fresh and comfortable during their surf adventures.

Surf Trip Accessories

Useful surf trip accessories like waterproof backpacks, car seat covers, and lockboxes help surfers stay organized and keep their belongings safe during their travels. These practical items not only make surf trips more enjoyable but also provide peace of mind by protecting valuable surfing gear and personal items.

Surf trip accessories are the best gifts for surfers who want to focus on catching waves rather than worrying about their belongings. A perfect gift for a surfer is something that enhances their experience and makes their surf trip more enjoyable.

Surfboard Repair Kit

Dings and dents can be inevitable, and these little ones are fairly straightforward to repair using Ding All surfboard repair kits. Solarez offers a complete repair kit that includes epoxy. There is an option for a single epoxy, depending upon the board. See my guide on the best surfboard repair kits here.

Gifts for Young Surfers

Encouraging a love for surfing in young people is an important way to nurture the next generation of wave riders. Gifts for young surfers can help them get into the sport and provide them with the necessary tools to enjoy their time in the water.

We’ll then cover surf toys and games, along with children’s surf clothing, both of which are superb presents for aspiring young surfers.

Surf Toys and Games

Fun surf toys like Surfer Dudes, Lego surf sets, and balance boards for kids allow young surfers to develop their skills and enjoy the sport even when not in the water.

These toys and games make perfect gifts for young surfers, providing them with hours of entertainment and helping them improve their balance, coordination, and overall surfing abilities.

Try some surf paint gift for surfing

Youth Surf Clothing

Stylish and functional surf clothing options for young surfers from popular brands like Patagonia and Maui and Sons ensure that they look great and stay protected while riding the waves. With options ranging from:

  • Rash guards
  • Wetsuits
  • Board shorts
  • Swimwear

These clothing items, available at our surf shop, are perfect gifts for young surfers who want to feel confident and comfortable in the water, especially for their favorite surfer.

Surf clothing is designed to be lightweight and breathable, allowing for maximum movement and flexibility


In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for the surfer in your life has never been easier. From stylish apparel and high-tech gadgets to practical training tools and unique personalized items, there’s something for everyone on our ultimate list of surfing gift ideas.

Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned pro or a budding young surfer, these surfing gifts will surely make a splash and inspire endless stoke.

Looking for some good places to plan your next surf trip – look here for the best surf towns in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some gifts for surfing friends?

Why not get your surfer friend a personalized item like a coffee mug or surf ornament, or go for budget-friendly options like rash guards and board shorts? They make great gifts for beginner surfers!

What to get my surfer boyfriend for his birthday?

If you really like you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for your surfer boyfriend, check out the Surfer’s World Map, Surf Kit, Hitch Key Vault, Wetsuit Changing Mat, Board Buddy Carrier, Stormrider Guide, and Tide Pro Surf Watch – all perfect for beach lifestyle loving guys!

What is a surfers need?

As a beginner surfer, you need a surfboard, fins, leash, wax, and wetsuit to get started. As you progress, additional items such as booties, rash guard, and ear plugs can be useful for perfecting your skills.

What are some good sustainable surf brands?

Outerknown and Patagonia are great sustainable surf brands to check out, with eco-friendly apparel and gear for surfers.

What are some functional surf gear options?

Sharkbanz, Rheos Floating Sunglasses, and wetsuit care products are great functional options to help you get the most out of your surfing experience.

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