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Getting a barrel in west australia

Barrel Time

This lucky surfer rides an epic wave somewhere in the vast beauty of Western Australia.

Bali Beauty

Captured an unridden wave in Bali, 2023. Though my heart usually sways towards other parts of Indonesia, this trip reminded me of the unique allure Bali holds.

Amazing wave going unridden in bali

Sunset Spray

Golden hues and silhouetted spray – Uluwatu at sunset is pure magic. Dropping into a perfect wave with that backdrop, moments like these make for unforgettable photos.

Sunset Shine - heavy and big at Uluwatu bali
palm tree delight

Palm tree delight

Who doesn’t love the silhouette of palm trees?!?

Storm rolling in Magnetic Island

Jetty Storm

Captured a storm rolling in at the jetty when I was living on Magnetic Island. A breathtakingly serene spot, but its lack of surf had me yearning for waves, so I didn’t linger too long.

Uncrowded day in Bali

Long Lines in Bali

Switching to black and white for a tropical scene isn’t my usual style, but with that mesmerizing, unridden wave stretching out, the monochrome choice was irresistibly compelling.

Redgate Western Australia a fantastic surf spot

Australian Red

This shot from Redgate, WA, remains my all-time favourite. The striking contrast between the quintessential red Aussie rock and the blue raw ocean is simply captivating. Nowhere else captures the essence of Australia quite like this.

storm rolling in magnetic island

Stormy Bay

Am I alone in my love for a roaring storm? The sheer force of the wind, the electrifying energy it carries… there’s something truly exhilarating about it all!

palm tree
This one just makes me happy