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surf apnea training

Apnea Training for Surfers: 

Mastering breath control is not just a skill; it’s a game-changer. Join Surf Apnea Sunshine Coast on the transformative journey to expand your comfort zone.

Do you want to increase your breath hold times and comfort level in the water??

Well, a surf apnea course can give you those skills. It’s designed to help surfers of all levels improve their breath-holding abilities, enhancing their comfort and confidence in the water. Through specialised techniques and practices, we empower surfers to ride those waves with newfound ease, knowing they have the lung capacity and composure to handle any situation in the ocean.

Beyond the waves, mastering breath control through CO2 tolerance training offers a powerful tool for everyday stress management. By learning to stay calm under pressure and control your body’s responses, you can tackle life’s challenges with a clear mind and steady breath.

Whether catching waves or navigating the currents of daily life, our apnea training equips you with the skills you need to thrive in any situation.

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Unlock Your Ocean Potential!

📅 Date: 30th June 📍 Location: Noosa ⏰ Time: 8:30am-12:30am 

Cost – $180

Hey wave warriors! Ready to transform your surf game? 🌊 Join me for an exhilarating Intro to Surf Apnea Workshop! Whether you’re new to the surf scene or looking to level up, this workshop is your ticket to a whole new ocean experience.

👉 What’s on the agenda? We’ll cover:

  • The basics of breath-holding techniques tailored for surfers
  • How to stay calm and composed under the waves
  • Practical tips to boost your confidence in the water
  • And a splash of fun, because that’s how we roll!

🧘‍♀️ Surf apnea isn’t just about holding your breath; it’s about embracing the ocean with a new sense of strength and serenity. It’s perfect for surfers who want to push their limits safely and mindfully.

🌟 Spots are limited, so grab your board and let’s make some waves together! DM me to reserve your spot or learn more. Can’t wait to see you there! 🏄‍♀️💙

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Bali Retreat


📅 Date: July 27-31st
📍 Location: Uluwatu – Bali 
Time: TBA

What 5 things you can expect to gain, learn experience from the retreat?

  • Advanced Surf Techniques: Tailored coaching to improve wave selection, paddling efficiency, and maneuver execution

  • Mind-Body Connection: Deepening the understanding of how mental state affects physical performance in surfing

  • Surf apnea techniques: to progress your surfing.

  • Community Building: Forming lasting connections with fellow surf enthusiasts and creating a supportive surf community.

  • Personal Growth: Insights into overcoming personal barriers, setting goals, and achieving a balanced lifestyle through surfing.

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📅 Date: September 📍 Location: Kuta – Lombok  ⏰ Time: TBA

Corporate Team Building 

Take corporate team building to the next level with my tailored program, which incorporate Surf Apnea™ and other stress management tools like cold water immersion. As a certified Surf Apnea Instructor with a background in personal training and six years of experience in the armed forces, I am uniquely equipped to guide corporate teams in enhancing stress management skills and improving productivity.

Our programs go beyond traditional team-building activities, providing participants with practical tools to manage stress effectively, increase self-awareness, and boost overall well-being.

By integrating breath-hold techniques, cold water immersion, and other stress management strategies, employees can develop the resilience and focus needed to thrive in high-pressure environments. Elevate your team’s performance, cohesion, and stress management capabilities with our corporate training programs

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