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We test, rate, and review with a surfer’s discerning eye, from boards to wetsuit accessories to essential gadgets. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, trust our insights to keep you riding waves in style and with utmost efficiency.

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Surf Gear

At Eternal Surfer, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth reviews of a diverse range of surf gear to ensure our community makes informed decisions before hitting the waves.

Our expertise covers everything from surfboards, including shortboards, longboards, and foamies, to essential accessories like fins, leashes, and traction pads. Additionally, we delve into the world of wetsuits, rash guards, and surf booties, catering to various climates and surf conditions.


Learn to Surf Guides

At Eternal Surfer, we believe that the ocean’s waves hold timeless lessons for souls young and old. Our meticulously crafted ‘Learn to Surf’ guides and tutorials are more than just instructions; they’re an invitation to a transformative experience.

Whether you’re touching a surfboard for the first time or seeking to refine your technique, our comprehensive guides ensure you’re not just riding waves, but truly understanding them. Dive in and embark on a journey that goes beyond the surf, where every tide is a tale and every break, a new beginning.

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Get Surf Fit

Embrace the power of the ocean with our ‘Surf Fitness Follow-Along Guides.’ At Eternal Surfer, we recognise that mastering the waves begins with fortifying the body and mind. Our tailored fitness routines not only bolster your physical strength but also fine-tune your agility, balance, and endurance – essentials for every surfer. The true benefit of training for surfing?

It transcends the board. By preparing with our guides, you’ll not only ride waves with newfound confidence but also embrace challenges in daily life with the same vigor.

Get started with one of our fitness guides and let the transformation ripple from the shore to your very core.

Soul-Surfers: Living and Breathing the Ocean’s Pulse

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Surfing Through Time: Gear Evolution and Recommendations

Explore the evolution of surf gear through the ages, and discover the tools that have shaped the sport.

Alongside our historical overview, we offer our top picks for modern surfboards, wetsuits, and accessories—each linked to trusted affiliate partners where readers can purchase and experience the legacy themselves.

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Beach Ready: Essentials for a Perfect Day on the Waves

Every surfer knows that a day at the beach is about more than just the surfboard. From UV-protective rash guards and reliable sunscreens to the latest waterproof action cameras and portable beach tents, we list the must-haves for a seamless beach experience.

Eco-Surfing: Sustainable Gear and Ocean-friendly Choices

As we advocate for eco-friendly surfing practices, and products that align with this mission.

From biodegradable wax to sustainable surfwear, readers can make informed purchases, ensuring they’re treading lightly on our oceans.

Surf Soul: Lifestyle Merchandise Beyond the Break

Embrace the surf spirit in every corner of your life while supporting products we genuinely recommend.